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Contact and Support

Remote Software for Support and Training


Gives you access to a global network of highly-trained consultants

for help with setup,customisation, integration, and training.

Click on the link to Download the relevant Teamviewer Application as directed. Save it to your PC, and Unzip,  run and allow to make changes. The Program will appear on the desktop. For Remote Support give your ID and  Password. For Webinar you will be given an ID to Connect to.  N.B. This program is a one run time only application. If you have a newer version already on your PC before installing you will need to go into Task Manager Ctrl.Alt.Del and End Task. 

Remote Support & Webinars 

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ANYDESK is used by GoAct to provide remote Desktop Help and Support and for Sales Demonstrations to Clients.  The Download program is a one run time only application. You will be given an ID and you then allow connection.


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