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Training & Support

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GoAct  Training and Support

New for 2024 We can provide Remote Training and Support to New and Existing clients. This will now benefit companies whose staff that are working remotely.
Individual or multiple staff will have the benefit of being trained without being together in office environments. We use state of the art meeting and remote based support software that is compatible with most types of PC and Apple based products.

Customised Training.
Training sessions can be tailored to your own Companies requirements, whether one hour slots or Full days. Content can be specific and the pace of training can be set. Demonstration Data or your own data can be used. Flexibility is key.

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Training Designed around your Business and Staff

Professional Training is essential for your Business to get the best out of your Act! CRM package. Go-ACT can offer a range of Training to suite your own Company’s requirements Bespoke to Cover those modules to your needs.

On-Site Training is our speciality, essential for companies were time is valued for staff and also keeping down travelling expenses, using your own equipment and Software.

Classroom Sessions

Training can be organised with fixed Classroom sessions  at venues close to your business.

Remote Training using Webex or other Remote Internet Connections saving Time and Money. Logging onto our Platforms or on to yours.

Flexibility of Training can be made offering flexible and tailored to Company’s Requirements, Options for small groups and one to one training sessions are available. Priced accordingly.

On-Site Training

Location and Planning

Any On-Site Training will require planning to ensure the best experience for the Staff, both in their capacity to learn and full attention in the session.

Consider the best place to hold the training, ideally a meeting room, board room somewhere quiet and no distractions from the day to day office work.

Sometimes this is not an option, but ensure phones are diverted.

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Sessions and Content

Consideration should be given to the number of delegates. From experience 4-5 is a limit to get the best from the sessions. We can split the sessions to cater for more staff.

We will provide a Laptop setup for training with the latest version of Act! on using the Demonstration Data and all the Features enabled to give maximum exposuree of the software. A WiFi Connection will be required. 

Users may bring in Laptops into the sessions with their own Data sets, this can be advantageous to the sessions.


Large TV Monitors are recommended for viewing using HDMI or Wireless Connections.

Ensure everyone can see clearly the presentation.

Wi-Fi should be available for the Trainer.

We can provide a Projector if required.

Our Credentials

Act! Channel Partners

Our Accreditation consists of attending courses and taking yearly exams on the software. With new releases of the software, features, enhancements of the software have to learned. We have the backing of  Act! the Software Vendor and have dedicated Account Managers for Sales and direct links to Support.


Act! Certified Consultants

As Act! Channel Partners we have ACC's who are independent, trained, and authorised professionals who specialise in helping you implement Act! to run your business better.

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