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 NEW Act! Premium v24 64Bit - Self Hosted

Act! CRM Classic Tiers and Flexible  Cloud Based

Act! Program Features

Marketing Automation

Act! Insight

Act! Companion Mobile App

Act! Premium Mobile

Act! Connect

Ask Act with Alexa

Ecommerce Connections

Act! API

Team Sharing

Advanced Security

Subscription Based



Act! CRM Classic

Hosted Version on Cloud

Securely Hosted

Automatic Backups

IE or Chrome Browsers

Subscription Based



Act! Options

Marketing Automation


Custom Tables Manager

Industry Templates Library

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Act! CRM Tiers and Features
Act! Premium Self Hosted includes Basic Marketing

Act! Premium Self Hosted with Marketing

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Basic (included)

Template Editor
Drip Marketing

Visual Workflow Designer


Turnkey Campaigns

Social Sharing

Landing Pages


Drip Marketing

Visual Workflow Designer

Campaign Calendar

Deliverability & Compliance Tools


Automate Actions from Campaigns

Response-Driven nurture Marketing

Asset Tracking

HTML Email Template Editor

Advanced Lead Capture

Lead Management & Scoring

Event Marketing

Website Activity Tracking

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Automate Actions from Campaigns

Progressive Profiling

A/B Testing

Deliverability onboarding session

Addons and Brochures

Trial Versions

Third Party Apps

Most Software today relies on third party products to enhance and improve the functionality, features, user experience and requirements of modern day business. We have identified software products that will add these benefits to your existing proven and reliable software. 

Below are two  Software additions that can be purchased and used with current versions of the Act! Software. Links to their respective website allow you to enquire on these products and Try or Buy.

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Sage50 Link

Act! Link for Sage Accounts

Has been specifically designed to work with the latest editions of Sage 50 Accounts

As well as the automatic linking process Act! Link for Accounting allows users to link, re-link or unlink individual records manually giving them full control of the process.

Using Act! and Accounts but tired of constantly swapping between them? Save you and your business time with the new Act! Link for Accounting! It’s easy to link your records together giving your Act! users the ability to view important Accounts information within Act!

Create Accounts, Orders and Invoices

It’s not just a way to view information. Act! users that also have access to Sage Accounts can create invoices and sales orders directly from the linked Act! record**.

Create powerful searches, groups, reports and more within Act! using the accounting data available directly on linked Contact or Company records.

Sage 50 link ACT create.PNG

Act! empowers your teams by giving them access to the information they need when they need it. Users can instantly find a customer, see all the interactions they have had and are planning to have, and view their financial records at a glance including invoices, orders, quotations, and transaction information.

Act! Companion

Contact & Company details

Enjoy everywhere access to Act! contact and company details from the app. Need to add a prospect or update a customer's phone number? It's easy to create, update, and delete contacts and companies on-the-fly. Powerful search capabilities and filters help you find what you need in an instant.

Calendar, Activities, & History

Stay on top of your day with an organised view of your Act! calls, meetings, and to-dos in calendar and list views. Schedule and update activities as your day progresses. Capture history and associate to your contacts, companies, opportunities, and other Act! users. Alerts keep you informed and productive.

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Interactive Maps
Know more about where you're going and what's around you with interactive maps in contact and company views. Get driving directions, find nearby places of interest like restaurants and transportation, and locate Act! customers in your area.

Sales Pipeline Management

Close deals from anywhere, because your sales pipeline is always at your fingertips. View Act! opportunities in list, detail, and snapshot views. As new opportunities come in or deals progress, easily create, update, and close opportunities from the app.

Actionable Dashboards

Gain insight into business and team performance with actionable Act! Insight dashboards. See dynamic, visual snapshots of real-time metrics for team performance, top performing products, win/loss analysis, and so much more.